Dr Daniel Leybourne

Research Fellow

Curriculum vitae

Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour. Institute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences

The University of Liverpool


Research Staff

Entomology Research Technician (2023-2024)
Elinor joined the team in July 2023 and will primarily work on the recently funded Farming Innovations Pathway project.

Current students

Andrea joined the team in October 2023 on a NERC-funded ACCE DTP studentship project "Aphid protective symbionts as unseen drivers of population and community dynamics and the impact for biological control". Andrea is primarily supervised by Dr Sharon Zytynska.

Previous Students

MSc Student (2021-2022; LUH)
"Population dynamics of Psylliodes chrysocephala (L.): Do winter oilseed rape crops benefit from increased protection in more complex landscapes?"

BSc Student (2022; LUH)
"Effects of landscape composition on the microbiome of rapeseed aphids"

BSc Student (2021-22; LUH)
"Investigating fitness in cereal aphid populations"

BSc Student (2021-22; LUH)
"The influence of aphid colour morph on the outcomes of predator-prey interactions"

BSc Student (2021-22; LUH)
"The relationship between landscape complexity, natural enemy diversity, and pest suppression in cereal cropping systems"

BSc Student (2021; LUH)
"Impact of landscape heterogeneity on virus infection in cereal"

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